Friday, April 25, 2014

Stanton's "Bondage Enthusiasts Bound In Leather" v.1 ~ Mutrix/Nutrix

I'll start this blog by listing this recently acquired vintage artifact ... because it's a true beauty and something I thought I'd never find: Stanton's "Bondage Enthusiasts Bound In Leather" v.1 ~ Mutrix/Nutrix. Now I say Mutrix/Nutrix because this is the Mutrix reprint of the original Irving Klaw Nutrix publication dated from 1961, which is itself a re-formatted/edited/re-packaged version of the original 1953 classic Irving Klaw Chapter Serial, Bound In Leather (Book One), famously illustrated by Stanton. Pretty nice, don't you think? It's even more beautiful in person and just to hold it in my hands makes me a little light-headed.

Eric Stanton

Like all these Nutrix/Mutrix booklets, it measures roughly 5x7" and, in this case, is 64 pages (including the cover). Mind you, this is one of four volumes ... and I'm lucky enough to own the whole set. But this one is by far my favorite. I can't stop looking at it. This Mutrix edition was published by Edward "Eddie" Mishkin and there's an advertisement on the inside cover for "Wholesale Book Corporation" -- 48 East 21st Street NYC, which, I believe, had become his main base of operation at this time (the 1970s). This particular booklet was also distributed through the mail order company "Executive Imports" (aka "Executive Imports International"), which may have been a Leonard Burtman enterprise (he also ran the similarly named "Unique Imports"). I happen to own a 6-page fold-out brochure from "Executive Imports" as well (plus a full catalog from "Unique Imports") -- dated from that time. Evidence that I've become quite obsessive when it comes to collecting fetish history artifacts. I mean, even the catalogs have great value to me.


This booklet features some of the most beautiful art that Stanton ever did for Irving Klaw (some of which he was forced to censor for these reprints). I'll post some of it in the future, as time permits. As you can see (below), I have quite a few vintage artifacts I would like to share with you.

Stanton, Eneg, John Willie, Bettie Page

Richard Perez

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