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FetHistory, FetHistory, FetHistory, FetHistory, FetHistory
1. Stanton's "Bondage Enthusiasts Bound In Leather" v.1 ~ Mutrix/Nutrix

2. Irving Klaw's PLEASURE PARADE #1: Bettie Page, Eric Stanton, John Willie, Gene Bilbrew, Adolfo Marino Ruiz 

 3. Postscript: On JBR’s Stanton Swank article + A Secret Peek Into Eric Stanton’s Studio Today 

 4. TRAVELING BACKWARDS IN FETHISTORY: Eric Stanton, Eddie Mishkin, Leonard Burtman, Stanley Malkin, Irving Klaw, John Willie, and finally Charles Guyette  

5.  The Mystery of The Spanish Irving Klaw Bulletins: 1949, 1950 

6.  CARTOON AND MODEL PARADE & the Pre-Bettie Page Days of Irving Klaw, circa 1950

7.  A sweet little peek inside Irving Klaw’s very first CARTOON AND MODEL PARADE catalog, 1950!

8.  Oh Those Kinky, Kinky Boots!... Circa 1950

9.  Irving Klaw’s MASKED WOMEN!

10.  Paula Klaw — Makeshift Dominatrix! 

11.  A Tribute to Irving Klaw model, Shirley Maitland

12.  How Robert Harrison helped shape Irving Klaw: Part 1

13.  How Robert Harrison helped shape Irving Klaw: Part 2

1. TASCHEN GALLERY Eric Stanton (and Elmer Batters) "Bizarre Life" exhibit

2. Eric Stanton Timeline by Richard Perez at the Taschen Gallery

3. Handling original Eric Stanton & Steve Ditko Stantoons Inc. art  
4. The Allen Jones / Eric Stanton Connection

5. John Willie, B&G, Gene Bilbrew, Bill Ward... currently on display with Eric Stanton

6.  Eric Stanton Under Glass: A Final View of the Taschen Gallery Show

FetHistory, FetHistory, FetHistory, FetHistory
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