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TRAVELING BACKWARDS IN FETHISTORY: Eric Stanton, Eddie Mishkin, Leonard Burtman, Stanley Malkin, Irving Klaw, John Willie, and finally Charles Guyette

Now in my last post, I mentioned that Eric Stanton was not only the last Fet Art entrepreneur of his kind but a direct link to all of Fet History. What exactly did I mean by this? 

Eric Stanton by Steve Ditko

To understand, we need to go back in time -- before the days of cell phones, before the Internet, when "mail order" ruled (at least as far as Fet Art production/distribution was concerned). If we look closely at Eric Stanton's business, The Stanton Archives (1975 - circa 1999), we see traces of Eddie Mishkin (Candor Books Inc., Gargoyles Sales Corp.), Leonard Burtman (Selbee Associates Inc., Burmel Publishing Co.), Stanley Malkin (Satellite Publishing Co.), Irving Klaw (Nutrix Co. and Irving Klaw's original self-named business), John Willie, and finally Charles Guyette (who preceded Irving Klaw). All of them ran mail order businesses (with varying success, particularly in John Willie's case). All of them, in one way or another, would influence Eric Stanton -- both in what they sold and how they distributed it. In other words, he was following a tradition.

Below are a few "bulletins” -- mail order advertising flyers -- to better trace this arc. I'll start with Eric Stanton, then go backwards: Mishkin, Stanley Malkin, Burtman, and Klaw. What about John Willie or Charles Guyette? I have no bulletins (or catalogs) from either one, unfortunately, but this at least will give you some idea of how things operated in the good ole’ pre-Internet snail mail days. It also suggests how these Fet Art/Fet Fantasy entrepreneurs were vulnerable -- plainly exposed as they were to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (a federal law-enforcement agency within the Post Office), who acted as “moral” censors in their day.

Stanton Archives Eric Stanton 1988 supplement

Eric Stanton's Stanton Archives
 Eric Stanton (The Stanton Archives)

Edward Mishkin's Candor
(Candor Books Inc.)

Edward Mishkin Gargoyle Sales Corp.
(Gargoyles Sales Corp.)

Eddie Mishkin
Eddie Mishkin (Candor, Gargoyles Sales Corp.)

Stanley Malkin, Satellite Publishing Co.
(Satellite Publishing Co.)
Stanley Malkin (aka Stanley Malcolm)
 Stanley Malkin (Satellite Publishing Co., Nitey-Nite Books, Inc.)

Selbee Associates, Inc.
(Selbee Associates, Inc.)

Burmel Publishing Co.
(Burmel Publishing Co.)

Leonard Burtman - Richard Perez
Leonard Burtman (Selbee Associates Inc., Burmel Publishing Co.)

Nutrix Co.

Irving Klaw Pin-Up Photos

Irving Klaw Pin-Up Photos

Irving Klaw (Nutrix Co. and Irving Klaw Pin-Up Photos)

These last four individuals had more companies than those listed (some legitimate, some not); and each, like Stanton, produced full mail order catalogs in addition to the these bulletins, which I may reference in future blogs. Cheers. 

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  1. Thank you for the fascinating history of these fet pioneers. This material certainly brings back a rush of fond memories.