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Postscript: On JBR’s Stanton Swank article + A Secret Peek Into Eric Stanton’s Studio Today

What I failed to mention in my last post on Klaw’s Nutrix digest Pleasure Parade was how I came across J.B. Rund's article on Stanton.

Although it appeared in print in the magazine Swank, August 1975, I first discovered it (a xerox copy of it at least) not too long ago in Connecticut ... in Eric Stanton’s still-intact office, where his family—widow Britt, son Tom, and daughter Amber—have kindly allowed me to conduct my Stanton book research. The almost 40-year-old article, which briefly recounted Stanton's biography for maybe the first time, had been lightly amended by the artist (snippets below). The corrections would appear in a reworked version of the article that would serve as the introduction for Bizarre Comix, Volume 1, published that same year. (That book would collect two of Stanton's earliest Irving Klaw Chapter Serials: Diana's Ordeal and Perils of Diana—and help kick-start a revival of Klaw era underground material in the '70s and '80s.)

As for Eric Stanton’s office? It hardly appears any different today than when the artist was still alive. (He passed away in March 1999.)

Stanton, Richard Pérez Seves

 Stanton, Richard Pérez Seves

Stanton, Richard Pérez Seves

This is Stanton (below) before he was known as "Eric." The photo was taken by Steve Ditko, his studio mate at the time, who in correspondence (with me) still calls him "Ernie."

Stanton, Richard Pérez Seves

Eric Stanton is of particular interest to me because he was not only a pioneer in his field and the last "bizarre" art entrepreneur of his kind, but a direct link to all of Fet History.

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