Saturday, June 14, 2014

Irving Klaw’s MASKED WOMEN!

Whoa! Stop the press. What’s going on here? Could it be another bizarre fantasy scenario enabled by psychodrama theater impresario, Mr. Irving Klaw?

Shirley Levitt, Richard Pérez Seves

In fact, it is!... Welcome back!

Here again we have Shirley Levitt and Ruth Field in another look at the impressive 1950 series, referred to in the past.

Shirley Levitt and Ruth Field

The D-400 series, as you’ll recall, also features Loraine Durane in some early, striking Klaw images.

Loraine Durane, Shirley Levitt, Ruth Field

This is Loraine Durane. With the paddle.

Loraine Durane, Shirley Levitt

What is it about a mask that lends such arresting interest and power? Seems to tip the viewer into an alternate dimension. Masks rule!

And while we're on the subject, here we have Eric Stanton's masked fantasy interpretation, commissioned by Klaw and presented in 1953. (Duchess of the Bastille … later renamed Cruel Duchess of The Bastille, in Nutrix book form.)

Eric Stanton, Duchess of the Bastille

Coincidentally, right away we can see the advantage that artwork has over "real life" enactments. For one thing, no one ever needs to be hurt when we play in the theater of the imagination.

Eric Stanton, Duchess of the Bastille, Irving Klaw

But back to 1950 and live models!

Irving Klaw's masked ladies would not end with the D-400 series. His HK-1 series*, advertised in the 31st Edition of Cartoon and Model Parade, also featured masked shenanigans. See below:

Irving Klaw, Jackie Jones, Betty Whitney, Amy Lane

Irving Klaw, Jackie Jones, Betty Whitney, Amy Lane

Irving Klaw, Jackie Jones, Betty Whitney, Amy Lane

Irving Klaw, Jackie Jones, Betty Whitney, Amy Lane

Mystery woman unmasked!

Irving Klaw, Jackie Jones, Betty Whitney, Amy Lane

Turnabout is fair play.

Jackie Jones, Betty Whitney, Amy Lane

Of course, the image of the masked woman in leather was, like most "bizarre" iconography, of European origin, which may account for part of its exotic strangeness to American sensibilities. The image below was among those sold by Irving Klaw's predecessor, Charles Guyette. (Before he was sentenced to prison.) Quite beautiful, wouldn't you say? Yes, those boots are insanely cool.

Charles Guyette, Richard Pérez Seves
 Until next week! Cheers!

Richard Pérez Seves

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Charles Guyette reviewed by Tony Mitchell, The Fetishistas

"Charles Guyette is a name that you might have seen mentioned in passing in books about the ‘golden age’ of American fetish imagery — the period from the mid 1930s to early ’60s associated with the publishing work of Irving Klaw, John Willie, Robert Harrison and Leonard Burtman among others. But the chances are, these were indeed only passing mentions...."

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*The HK-1 series features Irving Klaw models Jackie Jones, Betty Whitney, and Amy Lane.

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